MFD1 Manual V1.3MFD1 Manual V1.3.pdfReleased 30/4/16 Updated Bluetooth upload instructions

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MFD Fitting V1.1MFD Fitting V1.1.pdfCut-out template and mechanical drawing
SOV SpeedSOV Speed.pdfDimensioned drawing, custom lengths available
SOV DepthSOV Depth.pdfDimensioned drawing, custom lengths available
SOV Depth 200kHz to Garmin N2K AdaptorSOV Depth 200kHz to Garmin N2K Adaptor.pdfInstallation notes


The A+T MFD can have its main software and LCD driver upgraded via a Bluetooth link from a PC (Windows Vistra and later). In order to do this, it is necessary to download the zip file below then extract and store the two files into the same directory on your PC. Detailed instructions on how to run and upload are in the appropriate manual.

Bluetooth Uploader V1.03Bluetooth Uploader V1.03.zipReleased 20/5/2016 - corrected some issues with versions of Net Framework 4.6.1


Note: In general an lcd upgrade should not be undertaken and only on specific instructions from A+T.  However, should an lcd upgrade be required this must be done before the main upgrade. Read Appendix B of the manual carefully before commencing upgrades.

MFD Main software V1.12MFD Main software V1.12.zipReleased 19th September 2016
PHD V1.04PHD V1.04.zipFor Pilot Head Display (PHD) only
LCD software V 1.02LCD software V 1.02.zipReleased 18th April 2016