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A+T makes very high performance and well-engineered sailing instrument upgrades for existing yachts as well as complete systems for new-builds and major refit. We also make a complete range of spares, sensors and accessories for legacy instrument systems.

We are always happy to help with questions and troubleshooting on existing systems, however complex, and repair most of these no matter how old.

Whatever your instrument, whatever your time zone - the A+T team is at the end of the phone, ready to take your call.

  • Upgrades

An A+T upgrade gives the highest performance and best engineering available often at lowest cost as existing sensors, cabling and many displays can be used. These upgrades give unrivalled performance and often can be completed in just a few days work.

  • New Systems

For the highest performance and widest range of interfacing A+T offer a well-supported and future-proof instrument system based on a single wire Ethernet link around the yacht.  A full range of displays including a 14″ full colour screen are available.

  • Spares & Parts

A+T provides a range of well-engineered sailing instruments including new displays, sensors and other parts to keep existing systems going literally forever. We hold in stock a range of some 100 spare parts for A+T, B&G, Airmar and other marine electronics.

  • Repair Service

At A+T we have been repairing all marine electronics at component level for 25 years as Tinley Electronics. We specialise in the legacy B&G systems found on the vast majority of large and performance yachts.

NEW – High Performance Wind Sensor and Spares

A+T has produced a new wind sensor which is both the highest performance in the market and provides spares for all legacy B&G 213 type units that are installed on many thousands of yachts.  All of these parts are held in stock for same day shipping and can be bought online directly. Contact us for more details.

This is produced in both vertical and horizontal models with analogue or digital output to work with any instrument systems including A+T and B&G.

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Call us today with any questions or troubleshooting query.
We're ready to take your call, any day, any timezone.

Why Choose A+T?


40 years' experience at the highest level

Founders Richard Tinley and Hugh Agnew each have 40 years of experience at the highest level of sailing instrument design, repair and race navigation. This is core to the enormous level of passion, design and support that lies behind A+T.


40% year-on-year growth - find out why

The last three years have produced fast growth for A+T systems and products as the market discovers the level of quality, capability and support offered. Try us with the hardest questions on trouble-shooting, interfacing, calibration to see why.


Over 400 of the world’s largest and fastest yachts

Are using A+T products with thousands more having sent sailing equipment to us over the years for repair.  Clients include significant superyachts such as M5, Maltese Falcon, Adix, Red Dragon, Leopard, mini-maxis and TP52s.

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