Testimonials & Case Studies

A+T equipment is now fitted onboard over 500 superyachts & race yachts including:

SY Adix, SY Marie,  SY Altair,  SY Corto Maltese,  SY Twizzle, SY Wisp, SY Christopher, SY Ghost, MY Constance,  MY Swan, SY Ningaloo, SY Anne, SY Red Dragon, J Class yachts Ranger, Endeavour, Velsheda, Svea & Shamrock, SY Saudade, MY Ecstasea, SY Blue Pappillon, SY Proteus, SY M5, SY Mari-Cha.

The list of yachts that have had their equipment repaired by A+T and Tinley Electronics over the last 30 years is many thousands more.

What some of our clients say

Mark Stevens

Having been a lifelong user of B&G it was a big decision to start using A+T. Having started the changeover I could not be happier. They seamlessly work with the B&G we have on board and I am happy to start the process of upgrade all over the yacht. Congratulations. A product that really works.

Mark Stevens, SY Red Dragon

Jonathan Turner

I am glad to report the Pilot head display you supplied us with earlier this year is still working great and we prefer it to the B&G one on the other helm!

Jonathan Turner, Captain SY Nariida

Rachel Oliver

We always know we are in safe hands with the team at A+T. Their genuine commitment to looking after their clients shines through in their consistently excellent service and support.

Rachel Oliver, Osprey Technical

Lachlan Stewart-Baker

I can’t speak highly enough of A+T, the products and service have been great and it has all worked exactly as advertised on the box – I’ve no doubt that the instrument upgrade was part of our winning combination for the regatta.

Lachlan (Lockie) Stewart-Baker, Navigator SY Silencio

Janette Van Gruisen

I’m happy to say that A+T’s level of tech support service is above and beyond the industry standard.

Janette Van Gruisen, Cay Electronics

Marcel Korte

We chose A+T for the complete refit of our TP52. I found their products are not only industry-leading in performance, but incredibly robust and support numerous buses and interfaces. More than that, we were particularly impressed by A+T’s outstanding service and support.

Marcel Korte, Navigator SY Red Bandit

Case Studies

SY Borkumriff IV, 51m Royal Huisman schooner. Upgraded their extensive instrument system with A+T ATP1 processor and displays using existing wiring and sensors all fitted all within weeks.  This gives another 10+ years of fully supported instrument and high performance on board.

SY Silencio, 50m Perini. A new owner was keen to improve the racing performance and existing system was failing. A new A+T processor was fitted and sun damaged flybridge displays were replaced with A+T upgrades. The work was completed using the existing wiring in just a few days before the Perini Cup and the yacht went on to win in this regatta.

SY Twizzle, 57m Royal Huisman ketch. As part of an annual refit the yacht’s Shut off Valve (SOV) speed and depth sensors were returned to A+T for servicing, unfortunately they were beyond repair. With no other  supplier in the world for these, A+T designed and manufactured a new set of custom adaptors to extend SOV speed and depth sensors.

SY Red Dragon, 52m Dubois/Alloy Yachts superyacht. Has struggled with a combination of different manufacturer’s equipment onboard. Working with one of Palma’s most experienced dealers, Dahlberg, to install the A+T processor, the yacht’s navigation systems now run smoothly with a vast number and variety of connected displays, including many from A+T, and chart plotters.

SY Altair, 41m classic schooner. Several technical difficulties were found onboard and the equipment was sent to A+T for servicing. Some displays were repairable and the yacht decided to upgrade the B&G H2000 to the A+T processor with 3 new displays. Cay Electronics in Newport, RI worked with the yacht’s own engineering team to instal and commission the equipment over a weekend and were thrilled with the results.