A+T and FaRo Advanced Systems

A+T with FaRo Advanced Systems 

For the last 12 months, A+T Instruments have been working closely with FaRo Advanced Systems, in a collaboration that sees the well-proven FaRo race processor driving all A+T beautifully engineered and rugged displays.

This is the architecture on the Swan 125 Skorpios and the FaRo processor is driving the A+T Big Format Displays (BFD) onboard several vessels, including Stella Maris (see below). The advantages of the A+T BFD are the clarity and brightness on screen, in full sunlight or in dim light at dusk and no reflections.

This partnership is a fine example of using top-end race systems that can be merged with complementing technologies. Get in touch to discuss any requirements you might have for A+T displays onboard your boats.