A+T launch the worlds first full Ethernet based performance instrument system

ATP2 A+T Sailing Electronics Sailing Instruments System

A+T Instruments, the fast-growing high-end sailing instrumentation company, have launched the ATP2. Now shipping, the ATP2, is the world's first full Ethernet network-based performance instrument system on the market. A single Ethernet cable around the boat links all components. 

The ATP2 processor is designed for distributed applications using an Ethernet bus. The processor has a wide range of internal interfaces. Sensors are connected with distributed units on an Ethernet network which also drives the full range of A+T displays.

Typical Superyacht ATP2 Ethernet Instrument Configuration

An example configuration for a large sailing yacht is shown below. Interface modules include wind, speed/temperature/depth, speed/temperature, loadcell amplifier and analogue/0-20mA. Power (24V or 12V) is provided locally for higher draw items or is taken through the Ethernet for sensor interfaces. An N2K compatible CANbus interface allows chart plotters and N2K sensors to be connected while 3 NMEA 0183 ports are provided for Gyro, GPS, and charting systems.

Sailing Instruments ATP2 A+T Instruments

ATP2 Processor installation on SY Athos

A+T also makes IP68 Ethernet switches for connecting the yacht's systems, including a slimline version just 25mm thick to fit into mast display boxes.

A recent installation was on the 62m schooner super yacht Athos to replace a failing WTP3 system.  This complex system with 30 displays, over twenty sensor inputs, and wind input on both sailing masts were installed and commissioned by Osprey Technical Consulting in just a few days.

Osprey Technical Sailing Yacht A+T Electronics Installation

Latest A+T Edition

The ATP2 is the latest edition to a range of very high-performance sailing processors, displays, sensors, and Shut off Valves that A+T Instruments design and manufacture. A+T instruments are now installed on over 400 of the world’s largest and fastest yachts.

If you would like a well-engineered sailing instrument upgrade, a complete system for a new-build and major refit, or in need of spares, sensors, and accessories for legacy instrument systems we are here to help.