A+T launch NEW Wind Sensors 500

A+T has launched the NEW Wind Sensor 500, offering the highest response and accuracy on the market. 

Available as a Short Mast Unit (stubby) and a Vertical Mast Unit in various lengths. These are fully compatible with the many thousands of B&G 213 type units in use worldwide and also with the instruments to which they are connected.

The new Wind Sensors combine all of the advantages of digital microprocessor sensing and calibration with the resolution and response of analogue output - making them compatible with all existing systems.

The Wind Sensors include: 

  • Much higher angular accuracy and repeatability, each unit is calibrated to 0.2° accuracy
  • Carbon vane - faster response design
  • Fully ceramic bearings giving better performance at low wind speeds and corrosion resistant
  • 30% lighter than legacy unit

All of the parts of these are compatible and interchangeable with existing 213 units and are held in stock for immediate delivery.