Prices & Buying

Prices for current A+T products are shown below in GBP, in each case these exclude VAT and shipping ex Lymington UK.

ATP1 Processor complete with speed/depth and wind interfaces fitted.ATPRC01£5,100Shipping now to order
ATP2 Processor stand-alone for distributed systemATPRC02£4,700
Interface card speed/sea temperature/depth (170kHz)ATPSDC1£725Shipping now to order
Interface box speed/sea temperature/depth (170kHz)ATPSDB1£725
Interface card speed/sea temperatureATPSTC1£725
Interface card for wind speed and angleATPWDC1£725Shipping now to order
Interface box wind speed and angleATPWDB1£725
Interface card analogue (4) plus 0-20mAATPANC1£875
Interface box analogue (4) plus 0-20mAATPANB1£875
Network switch/bus connector – 5 wayATPSW51£225
Multi Function DisplayATMFD01£1,080In stock
Pilot Head DisplayATPHD01£1,350In stock
3020 high contrast displayAT30201£1,175In stock
Analogue Display to be specifiedATAXXXX£775In stock
Analogue Display AWSATAAWS1£775
Analogue Display AWA360ATAAWA1£775
Analogue Display AWA Magnified WindATAMAG1£775
Analogue Display TWA360ATATWA1£775
Analogue Display TWDATATWD1£775
Analogue Display TWSATATWS1£775
Analogue Display Rudder AngleATARUD1£775
Analogue Display Boat SpeedATABS11£775
Analogue Display DepthATADEP1£775
Analogue Display TachometerATATAC1£775
MINI DisplayATMINI1£540In stock
A+T Suncover for MFD/PHD and 3020ATSUN01£30In stock
Air Temperature SensorATATS01£575In stock
Depth Sensor 170kHz for 32mm housingATDPT01£395In stock
Depth Sensor 200kHz for 32mm housingATDPT02£495In stock
Rudder Reference UnitATRRU01£5751 week
Speed Sensor for 32mm housingATBSP01£395In stock
Shut off Valves (SOV)
SOV Speed Std LengthATSOVS1£1,250In stock
SOV Speed Custom LengthsATSOVSXPOA4 weeks from order
SOV Depth Std 170kHz for B&G systemsATSOVD1£1,350In stock
SOV Depth Std 200kHz for general useATSOVD2£1,450In stock
SOV Depth Custom LengthsATSOVDXPOA4 weeks from order
A+T SOV Bronze SOV Gate ValveATSOVG3£2,4751 week from order
A+T Isolation Kit - for fitting to steel/aluminium/carbon hullsATSOVIS£335In stock
A+T SOV Paddlewheel kitATPWKT1£55In stock
170kHz Depth Transducer to NMEA 2000 Compatible & NMEA 0183 using existing 170kHz sensorATBLBD1£685In Stock
NMEA 2000 Transducer Change Over SwitchATCOSN1£375In stock
Gravity Transducer Change Over SwitchATCOSG1£325NMEA0183 Version £350
Digital Loadcell Amplifier - serial and analogue (0-5v) outputATDLA01£625In Stock
Digital Loadcell Amplifier - with additional analogue input. Fastnet outputDLA2£975In Stock
Paddlewheel to B&G Underwater Unit Converter for Hornet 4, Harrier 6 or Hercules 290/390PWU£185
NMEA PaddlewheelNPW£295
NMEA to 213 Mast Head Unit ConverterN213MHU£300
B&G Hornet 4 to NMEA and USBH4N£290Bluetooth version £325

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Items may be purchased direct from A+T or from a number of high-end, specialist marine electronics installation companies. To purchase direct from A+T either fill in and return the order details or look at these and call us with as much of the required information as possible. As soon as details have been agreed including items, shipping, VAT status then a pro-forma will be issued. Payment may be made by:-