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A+T has the simple mission of producing the best yacht instruments ever made. Excellent service and support for the sailing community is also a core principle. This is delivered by providing focused 24/7 sailing electronics support for complex Superyachts and race boats. Find out all of our latest news and updates here.

Best for your yacht, better for the environment
Before and after photos… an A+T processor upgrade on the 62-metre schooner Athos, by Osprey Technical Consulting. Despite the complexity [...]
A+T launch the worlds first full Ethernet based performance instrument system
ATP2 A+T Sailing Electronics Sailing Instruments System
A+T Instruments, the fast-growing high-end sailing instrumentation company, have launched the ATP2. Now shipping, the ATP2, is the world's first [...]
The heart of the system
A+T is mindful of the responsibilities placed on its sailing instrument systems... (especially in the dark!)It is a dark, moonless, [...]
Whatever happens to your electronics, there is a powerful and quick upgrade available from A+T
Sailing Electronics | A+T Instruments MFD Display
Onboard your sailing yacht after a lightning strike or finding a race processor too difficult to maintain or configure, you’re [...]
Nimble is good, allowing A+T to react fast and work closely with customers
Many sectors in the marine industry fall prey to corporate consolidation, where ownership is more interested in volume sales than [...]
Bigger, brighter, faster Big Format Display (BFD)
Even the best calibrated and most accurate performance sailing instruments in the world are of little use if you can’t [...]

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