A+T Instruments ATP Processor - lr


The A+T processor has been built without compromise to the highest specification and engineering standards. It is supplied in two formats:-

  • ATP1, a single enclosure containing the key normal interfaces.
    • This is generally fitted as a replacement for an existing B&G H2000 or H3000 system where most or all sensor cabling has already been led back to the navigation area. The processor has integral heel, trim, barometric pressure and a range of additional inputs and outputs, see product sheet, so this configuration meets most requirements without additions.
    • The enclosure has space and sockets for one additional interface board if required.
  • ATP2, a distributed system with the sensor interfaces placed around the boat and linked with the A+T Ethernet databus.
    • This is used for a new build or major refit where wiring is to be substantially changed. The advantage is that only a single Ethernet cable needs to be run through the boat and interfaces can be placed where convenient near to the sensors or mast base, minimising cable runs. The processor has a number of interfaces built in, but interfacing to specialist sensors such as log, wind and load cell is provided by dedicated remote interfaces.
    • As Ethernet is the backbone of this system, network switches are used at each junction and custom rugged versions of these are supplied by A+T.

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