Wind Vane Assembly

Wind Vane Assembly

GBP 165

Fast response carbon vane. Fits B&G 213 wind sensors and A+T 500 series wind sensors. Twice as fast response as existing units in market.

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Wind Vane by A+T Instruments, fits all existing B&G 213 & 496 Units.

Manufacture part number AT500WV.

The A+T Wind Vane is fully compatible with many B&G 213 & 496.

The A+T Wind Vane is fully compatible with the many thousands of B&G 213 & 496 Wind Sensors in use worldwide, and with the instrument systems to which they are connected.

The design of this Vane allows for a significantly faster response and is considerably lighter than its predecessor.

It can be used with existing equipment and is kept in stock in the UK, available for domestic and worldwide shipping.

  • Complete replacement for 213 type vane.
  • Carbon vane element faster response design.
  • Includes retaining nut.

The Wind Vane can be bought on its own or as part of the complete ‘A+T Wind Sensor’, also available from A+T.