BFD Display

Our new full colour large format display fit in the same footprint and front mounting as a B&G 40/40. It is fully configurable with any number of panels or graphics and is fully waterproof like the rest of the A+T display range. The lighting and viewing angles are fantastic and digits are 50% larger than a 40/40 in jumbo mode. The BFD is now in full production and held in stock.


Part number: ATMFD01
Price: GBP 1,290 ex VAT and shipping

Replacement for B&G H2000 FFD, H3000 FFD and H3000 GFD. With a larger display area, a slimmer profile, 20x faster display refresh rate and unlimited external channels.

This multi data display (1 to 6 elements) has extensive diagnostic features. Beautifully designed with a timeless look and feel, but cutting edge technology. Upgrade is via Bluetooth and the unit is fully serviceable. The MFD fits into the cut-out and screw holes of existing B&G H2000 FFD, H3000 FFD and H3000 GFD and it is electronically compatible.


Part number: AT30201
Price: GBP 1,465 ex VAT and shipping

Direct replacement for a B&G 20/20 but with digits the same height as a 30/30.

This single line data display is compatible with existing B&G systems, plus has a future-proof interface and software design to allow for upgrades to new standards and systems.

Analogue Displays

Part number: ATAXXXX to be specified
Price: GBP 995 ex VAT and shipping

Classic design including domed glass front, but with the latest mechanical and electronic attributes, including user serviceable desiccant module to keep unit crystal clear. A full range of functions is available and a wide range of interfacing.

A+T analogue displays are available in AWS, AWA360, AWA Magnified Wind, TWA360, TWD, TWs, Rudder Angle, Boat Speed, Depth and Tachometer.

MINI displays

Part number: ATMINI1
Price: GBP 680 ex VAT and shipping

A stand alone data display, typically used for load or displacement, but any data can be sent to it. It has a small foot print (91x58mm) and a low profile.

The A+T MINI can be driven from an A+T MFD (up to 4 MINIs connected to 1 MFD) or to a DLA1 loadcell amplifier which will also take linear input. An OEM custom version is also available. Backlighting is user selectable in red, green or without.

Pilot Head Display

Part number: ATPHD01
Price: GBP 1,550 ex VAT and shipping

A pilot head version of the A+T MFD, compatible with B&G H2000 and B&G H3000 pilot systems.

LCD display is user selectable, black on white (for easy daytime viewing) or white on black (to reduce glare from backlight at night).