Air Temperature Sensor

Air Temperature Sensor
Part number: ATATS01
Price: GBP 755 ex VAT and shipping

This is an improved design and direct replacement for the now discontinued B&G part 224-00-066. It is supplied with a 5m cable and custom lengths can be provided. Fitting is a standard 1" tube clamp.

Rudder Reference Unit

AT Rudder Reference Unit
Part number: ATRRU01
Price: GBP 720 ex VAT and shipping

Providing incredibly accurate data on the rudder angle. Full calibration and centre position available. Several displays can be connected to support multiple helm positions. Produces analogue and digital outputs including Fastnet bus for connection to legacy B&G equipment, NMEA 0183 serial data and NMEA 2000. The unit is typically connected using an A+T waterproof junction box (see link to accessories).

Depth sensor 32mm housing

Depth Sensor for 32mm Housing
Part number: ATDPT01
Price: GBP 475 ex VAT and shipping


Available in 170kHz and 200kHz versions.

Replacements for now discontinued and out of stock parts B&G 401-00-011, B&G 610-0A-027, B&G 199-00-018 and B&G 610-0A-040. The 170kHz version is for use with B&G H2000 and B&G H3000 systems. The 200KHz version is for general use.

Speed Sensor 32mm housing

Part number: ATBSP01
Price: GBP 475 ex VAT and shipping

Replacement for now discontinued and now out of stock parts B&G 610-0A-026, B&G 610-0A-036 and B&G 202-00-100.

A+T 213 MHU Wind Sensor

The A+T 213 Wind Sensor is fully compatible with the existing B&G MHU 213 units that are already in use and the instrument systems to which they are connected. The A+T 213 is available as a complete unit or for replacement parts to legacy equipment.

A+T 213 MHU Wind sensor (stubby) complete
Vane Assembly - fits all 213 units
213 Wind Cups
Bearing wind direction (top)
Bearing wind speed direction (bottom)
Top cap/boss
213 Spar Assembly
213 Mast Cable (25m), other lengths available
213 Mast Cable Adaptor nut
213 Mast Bracket

Lars Thrane LT-500 Compass

A+T's compass recommendation. It provides Attitude Heading Reference System with 11 precision sensors with True Heading, magnetic heading, roll, pitch, air pressure and temperature. Can be mounted in any position without compromising the high performance.

Simrad GS25 GPS and Compass

Simrad GS25 GPS and Compass

A+T's recommended combined GPS and compass combination. Provides accurate position and speed updates and a magnetic heading. It connects with NMEA2000 and can be pole or surface mounted.

Airmar paddle wheel log & housing

Airmar paddle wheel log & housing
Part number: AMPDLOG
Price: GBP 320 ex VAT and shipping

Airmar paddle wheel log & housing.