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ATP Manual V2.2ATP1 & ATP2 webserver inc ATP1 installation
ATP2 & Pilot Installation V1.0
Pilot User Guide & Controller Installation V1.01Use & Installation
MFD & PHD V1.1Use & Installation
BFD V1.5Use & Installation
3020 V1.1Use & Installation
Mini V1.0Use & Installation
Analogue V1.7Use & Installation
DLA2 Manual.pdfFirmware 1.06 Revision 1.00
Tack COS Instructions
  • Drawings

Document Comment
MFD Fitting V1.1.pdfCut-out template and mechanical drawing
SOV Installation Drawings V1.2.pdfBronze Shut Off Gate Valve (SOV) Drawings V1.2
SOV Speed.pdfDimensioned drawing, custom lengths available
SOV Depth.pdfDimensioned drawing, custom lengths available
A+T NMEA Depth Module Installation.pdf170kHz CANbus NMEA 0183 Depth Module
  • Bluetooth Bootloader

Many A+T products can have their firmware upgraded via a Bluetooth link from a Windows PC using this uploader. Download the zip file and extract the two files into the same directory on your PC. Detailed instructions on how to run and upload are in the product manuals.

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Bluetooth Uploader V1.06.zipBluetooth Uploader
Document Comment
3020 Firmware V1.18.hexReleased March 2022. Adds configuration to display Range/Bearing/Time to Waypoint when a MOB alarm is raised.
PHD Main Firmware V1_24.hexPilot Head Display (PHD) Released July 2021
MFD Main Firmware V2_44.hexReleased May 2024. Update generic calibrations.
Fastnet Analogue Firmware V1_26.hexFASTNET Analogue ONLY. Released July 2022
CANbus Analogue Firmware V5_10.hexCANbus (N2K compatible) Analogue ONLY. Released July 2021. Updated to be compatible with latest B&G H5000 systems
DLA2 Firmware V1_22.hexReleased Nov 2021. Improvements to old-style Fastnet calibration. Hardware support changes.

For upgrades to Ver 2.00 or later, the motherboard and all interface cards must be upgraded. Please call us 24/7 on +44(0)1590 718182 for any help with this.

Download Comment
Main processor ATProcessor_2_10_1.zipYou MUST update boards to V2.00 or newer to work with this version
Individual boards BD_2_24.zipYou MUST update main processor to V2.00 or newer to work with this version

The pilot drive controller firmware is included in 'Individual Boards' for ATP above. Please call us 24/7 on +44(0)1590 718182 for any help with this.

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