Wind speed bearing

Wind speed bearing

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Wind speed (bottom) bearing for all B&G 213 and 496  wind sensors and A+T 500 series wind sensors. Much improved with ceramic bearing inserts.

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Bearing for Wind Speed (anemometer). Fits all existing B&G 213 & 496 units.

Manufacture part number AT500BS.

The A+T Bearing for Wind Speed (anemometer) is fully compatible with the many thousands of B&G 213 & 496 Wind Sensors in use worldwide, and with the instrument systems to which they are connected.

  • The fully ceramic bearing gives better performance at low wind speeds

  • The bearing is corrosion-resistant, giving much longer life

  • Includes O ring

It can be used with existing equipment and is kept in stock in the UK, available for domestic and worldwide shipping. The Bearing can be bought on its own or as part of the complete ‘A+T 213 Wind Sensor’, also available from A+T.