Complete systems for new builds

Processor, displays and sensors connected via a single Ethernet cable which also supplies power.

  • High specification and quality of engineering
  • Single cable minimises wiring, can use fibre optic connection
  • Widest range of interfacing for superyachts and race boats
  • Excellent diagnostics and connectivity to other yacht systems


Much of A+T’s business is upgrading existing systems, often a full upgrade is completed within 2-3 days.

  • Highest specification and best engineered instruments
  • Excellent support and service
  • Lowest cost upgrade in most cases as existing sensors, mounting, cabling and working displays can be retained

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Custom Projects

A+T has a history of making fast turn-around custom devices

  • Custom displays set into a teak deck
  • Protocol and sentence data converters
  • Bespoke mast rotation sensors e.g. Maltese Falcon
  • Custom America’s cup displays

What some of our clients say